Based in Madrid, Estudio Mendue is a design studio founded in 2011 by Jorge Menduiña. Specializing in various areas of expertise, focusing on visual identity, creative direction and digital projects. Our clients come from different fields, including fashion, culture, technology, commercial entities and government institutions. We help our clients analyze, define and design new products, services and tools, creating new business perspectives.



We specialize in various areas of expertise, focusing on branding, print and digital.
Research, design, art direction, branding, print design, digital design, photography, web development.
Branding — visual identity, naming, logos, typographies, guidelines, physical assets, digital graphics, signage systems
Print — editorial design, publications, illustrations, catalogs, annual reports, corporate books, posters, ads, campaigns, digital communications, infographics, signage, packaging, product design
Digital — corporate websites, E-commerce websites, mobile apps, app interfaces, responsive design, user experience, style guides, ads & media, product design



Our project development is based on a solid and deliberate process. The first step is to think about and understand our clients’ needs, values and objectives.
Research and analysis: We perform analysis to gain in-depth knowledge of the sector and market. We seek out all different kinds of references, which serve as the starting points for projects.
Positioning: We use the conclusions from our analysis to determine the positioning of the brand, product or project. We maintain a constant dialog with our clients, through which we arrive at the nuances that define the process’ foundations.
Design: We look for simple and effective solutions with which to define and develop ideas. We begin by providing structure to the content, proposals, wireframes, etc.
Performance: We apply our designs to different supports, mediums and templates, which we then develop to create the visual universe. We configure the different norms and styles to make the project take shape in a solid, attractive and effective way.

Using our methodology, we transfer the ideas, concepts and requirements to the different designs, providing a new perspective that reinforces the visual communications strategy.



Victor Hugo 1, 4º 28004 Madrid (Spain)
For inquiries please email: info@estudiomendue.com
For careers please email: job@estudiomendue.com. Send your CV plus portfolio or a link to your website.